Use cases

Jujuna provides four main functions that allow us to assemble various pipelines and test multiple scenarios: deploy, upgrade, test, and cleanup. These functions allow us to properly test software upgrades, from simple tests up to multistage upgrades.


We use Jujuna for three main purposes at HUNT Cloud, all to test desired deployments and service upgrades of OpenStack. We utilize a dedicated stack of test hardware, with very similar configuration to our production site. We deploy the OpenStack Juju bundle with all the applications that we have in production, although at a smaller scale.

Case 1: Continuous integration

Test of configuration changed as a part of bundle repository CI. Everytime the Juju bundle is changed it is automatically deployed and tested. All the results are pushed back to our CI. Passing result from pipeline approves the change.

Case 2: Revision upgrades

New charm revisions are released more often than the services. Release time also depends on channels that charm developers use. You can regularly run Jujuna to test new or nightly releases from edge channel of charm revisions.

Case 3: Service upgrades

Test before upgrade. Whenever there is need to upgrade production services, you can easily deploy your test stack, upgrade required services, and run your testing suite. We find both upgrade processes and testing useful to identify potential issues.